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The University of Gibraltar , established in 2015 is a vibrant and ambitious new University in an exceptional location that serves as  reminder of Gibraltar’s inescapable connection with North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

As a young institution, the University is able to respond to global issues as well as set priorities of relevance to its locality. Free from outmoded traditions or bureaucratic structures, it responds to new opportunities quickly enabling it to convene cutting-edge thinking, attract talent and trigger innovation.

The institution is committed to high-quality teaching and learning, world-leading research, academic freedom as well as to the sustainable development of Gibraltar and the region. Partnerships with business, government, charitable foundations, healthcare and educational institutions lie at the heart of its mission.

The University’s newly iconic campus echoes this sense of place, marrying it with a historic perspective that confirms its identification with British culture and education. Our mission commits us to ensuring that we engage with contemporary social issues, and that we inform policy and practice across a range of sectors.

The University of Gibraltar’s research-led curriculum offers opportunities for professional development, undergraduate and postgraduate study as well as pathways within PhD Research.


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