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The Mediterranean University is the first private university in Montenegro which provides academic degrees in the field of Tourism, Hotel Management, Information Technologies, Economics and Business studies, Visual Arts, Law, and Foreign Languages.

Since its foundation on 30th of May, 2006, the Mediterranean University functions as an independent , fully recognized  legal entity in accordance with the Bologna Declaration, of which it is a signatory.

The University is fully committed to enhancing the quality of studies in a systematic and organized manner in order to be modern, flexible, competitive, and efficient. To that end, and in compliance with the Bologna Declaration, there is a continuous effort towards increasing the quality level of all activities at the University – teaching, study programs, grading system based on the European Credit Transfer System – ECTS – textbooks and literature, equipment, information system, scientific research, publishing, selection of teaching and administration staff, library, lifelong learning, international cooperation and other standards.

The Mediterranean University offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral degrees and a continuing education program, with 120 faculty members, an administrative staff of 20  and a total enrollment of  1100 students.

Finally, the bulk of the instruction is in Montenegrin, although courses in English are taught at all faculties at both Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

The UNIM was externally evaluated by EUA in 2013, and there was a follow-up evaluation in 2018.


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