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The purpose of the NUSCT is to facilitate collaboration and benchmarking in areas such as, but not limited to: 

  • academic programs

  • research

  • integration of new technologies in education

  • student and staff mobility and exchanges

  • student internships

  • internationalisation

  • governance models

  • education/research- private sector partnerships

  • financing models

  • fundraising

  • encoragement of brain circulation

  • social responsability 

  • contribution to economic development

  • accountability and transparency

  • new professional skills

To this effect the NUSCT will persue, encourage and promote, amongst others, the following activities:

  • multilateral and bilateral agreement amongst members of the NUSCTS Network

  • coordination of the ideas and actions of its members through regular exchange of information on issues of common interest

  • promotion of cooperation in the organization of periodic thematic conferences, seminars or workshop

  • design of common educatiuonal progams (e.g. joint or double degree project, summer universities, internships..)

  • collaboration in research projects

  • encouraging and supporting mobility and exchanges of students and staff

  • academic journals 

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