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Universitat d’Andorra Rector and NUSCT President New Member of the Administrative Board of the IAU

Universitat d’Andorra Rector and NUSCT President Miquel Nicolau i Vila was elected to the Administrative Board of the International Association of Universities (IAU) on 28th of October, 2022, at the 16th IAU General Conference at the University College Dublin, in Dublin, Ireland.The International Association of Universities founded in 1950, in Nice France, at the initiative of UNESCO and higher education leaders around the world, is the major international HE organization, with close to 600 members (institutions, organisations, affiliates and associates), from more than 130 countries.The IAU serves the global higher education community by providing, among others, trends analysis, publications, advisory services, events, and advocacy to inform, affect and support global HE initiatives by intergovernmental organizations, governments and institutions worldwide.Rector Nicolau’s election to the IAU Board comes as a recognition of his professional career, contribution to higher education, and commitment to internationalisation to ensure sustainability and peaceful coexistence. Miquel Nicolau’s participation on the IAU Board will, furthermore, ensure that universities in small countries and territories have a voice in shaping the organisation’s international HE agenda.

Posted on 26/09/2022


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