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The University of Greenland to host the 4th NUSCT Rectors’ Annual Meeting

The University of Greenland will host the 4th NUSCT Rectors’ Annual Meeting on 3 May, 2022 .

The meeting will be held in Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, the largest island in the world.

Rectors from the 11 member universities representing the near totality of Europe’s small countries and territories, will come together in a blended on-site and online meeting to review the progress made by the Network since its 3rd Meeting celebrated at the University of the Republic of San Marino, UNIRSM, in San Marino, in October 2021, and to establish the Network’s roadmap for the coming year.

The participants will be welcomed by Juaaka Lyberth, Councillor of the Nuuk City Government , in representation of Mayor Charlotte Ludvigsen, and will also be addressed by the Secretary General of the European Association of Universities, Amanda Crowfoot in implicit recognition of the relevance of NUSCT within the European university landscape.

Rectors, assisted by vice-rectors and international office directors , will also have the opportunity to discuss adaptation to the COVID post-pandemic era, impact of the war in Ukraine on international mobility and collaborative international projects involving the countries at war, and hosting refugee scholars, amongst other relevant topics.

Quantitative and qualitative increase in collaborations amongst members and between the Network and other associations will also be the object of productive deliberations.

NUSCT ( is a network led by the University of Andorra to enable universities in small countries and territories that share similar characteristics and contexts establish collaborations, share strategies and best practices, and have a unified voice in international fora.

The following universities are members of NUSCT:

For information on Greenland, please go to the following links:


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