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The Universitat d'Andorra promoted the constitution of a CoARA National Chapter in Andorra

The Universitat d’Andorra (UdA), in collaboration with the Quality Agency of Higher Education of Andorra (AQUA), has initiated the establishment of the Andorra National Chapter of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA), which was approved by the organization on Aril 18, 2024.

This National Chapter, which will be housed at the UdA, aims to improve research evaluation practices within the Principality by uniting various stakeholders, including universities, public bodies, private research institutions, funding bodies, and evaluation agencies. Together, they will seek to set a standard for evaluation systems and procedures inline with UdA existing practices, and adhering to the CoARA principles.

Emphasizing the integration of global principles into local contexts, the Andorra National Chapter will address specific challenges faced by small countries and territories. Through collaborative efforts and knowledge exchange, members will work towards improving research assessment practices drawing insights from similar contexts worldwide.

UdA's involvement as a signatory of the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment underscores its commitment to driving positive change in research assessment practices, positioning Andorra at the forefront of research quality and impact enhancement initiatives.


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