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The Åland University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) located in Mariehamn, Åland, in an autonomous and demilitarised region of Finland.

The AUAS is a public university established in 2003, and is primarily financed by the Åland government.

The university currently offers Bachelor’s degree programs in Swedish in Business Administration, Navigation, Hospitality Management, Engineering (marine, electrical and IT) and Health and Caring Sciences, and a Master’s program in English in Engineering (Energy Automation and Sustainable Engineering) to a total of 600 students. The university also offers a large variety of university and other competence-enhancing courses as continuous education for the general public, through its Open University department. Instruction in degree programs and at the Open University is given both on campus and on-line.

The education offered by the AUAS emphasizes close contacts with business, industry, and services, especially at the regional level. The AUAS undertakes national and international research and development activities with an applied and practical emphasis. Current topical areas of AUAS RDI are healthcare, tourism, business administration, and engineering.

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