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The Åland University of Applied Sciences is welcomed as the 12th member of NUSCT

At the 5th Rectors’ Annual meeting of the Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories (NUSCT) hosted by the University of Liechtenstein in Vaduz, Liechtenstein, on 10 May, 2023, members unanimously approved the application of the Äland University of Applied Sciences to join the Network.

This expanded membership of the 5-year old Network underscores the relevance acquired by the association since its constitution for institutions that share unique characteristics and challenges due to common socio-political environments, while it also brings the Network a step closer to a complete representation of European national and territorial representation.

For more information on the new member please visit

Universities interested in joining NUSCT should apply online or address a letter of interest by their rector/Vice Chancellor to: NUSCT President Eyjólfur Guðmundsson at


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