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L-Università ta’Malta leads with Routledge a scholarly project on the study of Small States

L-Università ta’Malta announces that Routledge have agreed to launch a new book series in 2020 dedicated to the study of small states. The ‘small state studies’ series is planned to curate and publish at least 10 monographs over a ten-year period.

The news comes after a bid to edit such a book series was put together by  Godfrey Baldacchino (University of Malta, Malta), Anna-Lena Hogenauer (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg) and Nicos Trimikliniotis (University of Nicosia, Cyprus).

In their successful submission, the three scholars argued how the world is replete with small states; and yet the orientation to acknowledge, discuss and critique the condition of small size and small scale is not yet a mainstream pursuit.

This book series will provide an excellent opportunity and platform for NUSCT- affiliated scholars and researchers to consider authoring or editing a text that examines a particular condition – diplomacy, international relations, public administration, governance,  policy making, the state of tertiary education, migration … – from a small state lens and perspective.


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