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We would like to remind readers  and NUSCT members that  scholars are invited to submit papers related to the topic of Small States and Territories. The permanent call can be found at

2nd NUSCT Rectors’ Meeting. April 8, 2019

The Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories (NUSCT) grows and underwrites multilateral agreements for students,  and for faculty and staff exchanges

 The members  of the Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories (NUSCT) –  the University of  Andorra, the University of Gibraltar,  the University of Greenland,  the University of Malta, and the University of the Republic of San Marino  (with the excused absence of the University of Liechtenstein)   gathered on 8 April, 2019 at the Università ta’ Malta, in Valletta, for the  2nd NUSCT Rectors’ Meeting,

The NUSCT representatives formally executed  two landmark Multilateral Agreements for  Student and  for Faculty & Staff Exchanges.

The meeting included presentations by experts of the University of Malta on the opportunities of ledger technologies for universities , and on the challenge of scale in higher education.

The assembled delegates also welcomed to NUSCT its seventh member, the University of Montenegro.

NUSCT was created to address challenges  that are specific to higher education institutions that operate in socio-political and economic contexts of small countries and territories through benchmarking, information-sharing,  best practices and collaborative projects.

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April, 2019

Lake Constance University Association Summer School

The International Lake Constance University, of which the University of Liechtenstein is a member is organizing the Lake Constance Summer School, to take place August 02-28, 2019 at the University Konstanz.

The summer school is open to students who are interested to learn German and get to know the four countries, A, CH, FL, D,  surrounding Lake Constance. They would pay the fee for students coming from partner universities.

For info, please contact Trudi Ackermann(

May 6, 2019

SIIV International Summer School at University of San Marino

NUSCT member Università della Repubblica di San Marino is organizing the SIIV International Summer School in San Marino in collaboration with the University of Parma and the SIIV (Italian Infrastructure Society), to take place September 16-20, 2019.

The summer school is open to PhD students and researchers in design, construction, maintenance and management of infrastructures.

The organizing committee is preparing the definitive program, below you can find a draft.

For info, please contact prof. Andrea Grilli (

May 3, 2019

The University of Greenland hosts international conference on microstates

NUSCT member Ilisimatusarfik/University of Greenland will host the international conference economics and development in microstates, islands, and the arctic, to take place  November 30 – December 1, 2018.

This interdisciplinary and international Conference, organized in collaboration with Island Dynamics, will consider the economic advantages and disadvantages faced by microstates, island territories, and arctic regions, exploring theory, best practices, case-studies, political and economic strategies. The conference hosts contributions from the business community, NGOs, and academic researchers (from economics, human geography, anthropology, development studies, business studies, and other disciplines).

For more information  please contact convenor Adam Grydehøj ( ) or Javier Arnaut


November 6, 2018

ERASMUS + project Challenges to Democracy and Social Life in European Small States


The members of the Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories  (NUSCT) Universitat d’Andorra, University of Malta and the Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino, are thee of the nine  partners in the ERASMUS + project  “Challenges to Democracy and Social Life in European Small States”, promoted and lead by the Liechtenstein Institute.

This European project marks the first multilateral program that is benefiting from the synergies created amongst  members of our network.

For more information on the  ERASMUS + project  “Challenges to Democracy and Social Life in European Small States” please contact Dr. Wilfried Marxer at

The Universitat d’Andorra promotes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universitat d’Andorra is celebrating  the 70th anniversary of the signature of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in Paris on December 10, 1948 , Resolution 217 A) by partnering with the International Solidarity for Human Rights  (ISHR, a Miami-based NGO) in carrying out an awareness campaign on its campus that will last until December 19, 2018.

The commemorating activity consists in dedicating each one of the thirty weeks of the academic year to a specific human right, illustrated by a corresponding ISHR-provided  educational exhibition.

In order to globally communicate the institution’s commitment to Human Rights,  the Universitat d’Andorra will post a UN-designed commemorative banner on its website  until December 19, 2018.

The UdA Universal Declaration of Human Rights awareness campaign is  being organized within the framework of events commemorating the Universitat d’Andorra’s 30 years of service to the Principality of Andorra.

For more information please contact

Welcome to the NUSCT

As Rector of the Universitat d’Andorra, and President of the NUSCT I would like to welcome you to the Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories (NUSCT).


Miquel Nicolau i Vila
Rector of the Universitat d’Andorra
President of the NUSCT

On March 2, 2018, representatives from the University of Malta, the University of Greenland, the University of Liechtenstein, the University of San Marino, the University of Gibraltar and the Universitat d’Andorra met in the Principality of Andorra to formalise the creation of the Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories, NUSCT.

The constitutive meeting was hosted by the Universitat d’Andorra, as leader of this initiative.

In the words of NUSCT President and rector of the Universitat d’Andorra, Dr. Miquel Nicolau,  “…the Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories was born of a shared need to address issues that are specific to higher education institutions that operate in socio-political and economic contexts of small countries and territories, but that are marginally dealt with by existing international higher education associations”.

NUSCT will facilitate benchmarking in areas such as governance models, education/research-private sector partnerships, fundraising, and others that might be of shared concern. The Network will also provide a platform for exchanging information and best practices in financing models and internationalization efforts, as well as a forum to discuss ways to improve member institutions’ performance and response to the evolving expectations of society, demands for new professional skills, brain retention, and implementation of new technologies, among others.

NUSCT will additionally focus on promoting bilateral and multilateral agreements amongst its members in the realm of research, academic programs, and student and staff exchanges.

The diversity and international nature of the Network and the combined strength of its members will be leveraged to tap into competitive funding sources for joint or collaborative research projects.

Universities that did not participate in the constitutive process of NUSCT are welcome to apply for membership by contacting



c/o Universitat d’Andorra

Plaça de la Germandat, 7
AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria
Principat d’Andorra (Europe)

Tel. +376 743 000
Fax. +376 743 043


NUSCT Kickoff Meeting (Andorra, March 2n 2018)


On the initiative of the University of Andorra (UdA), several representatives of the universities of small countries and territories met on March 2, 2018 at the campus of Sant Julià de Lòria with the aim of establishing a network of collaboration , which has been provisionally called in English under the name Network of Universities of Small Countries and Territories (NUSCT).

The academic institutions represented at the meeting share characteristics and specificities, and work in similar sociopolitical and economic contexts.

For this reason, they want to meet commonly in the international higher education forums, they want to exchange good practices, as well as deepen collaboration opportunities and share strategies to improve the professional insertion of graduates.

The first meeting was attended by the universities of Andorra, Gibraltar, Greenland, Liechtenstein, Malta and San Marino. The universities of Iceland and Monaco have also shown their interest.